Sparkling performance gives this modern beach and training catamaran the feel of a higher performance boat, yet it could hardly be easier to handle. Start with the main and jib – use the gennaker and trapeze to turbo charge the performance when you’re ready. The RS CAT16 has stability and space so you can enjoy the excitement alone or with family and friends. A new design protected system for joining the beams to the hulls gives increased stiffness compared to other rotomoulded polyethylene catamarans, with the added bonus of allowing the boat to be disassembled quickly for storage or transport. Durability : Convenience : Fun –  the hallmarks of the RS CAT16.
Sparkling performance with easy handling
  • Easy handling and fantastic performance
  • Practical features for novices and experienced sailors
  • Concave deck creates secure sitting area
  • Lift & lock – simple & secure rudder system
  • Designed by innovative multihull expert Jo Richards and the RS development team
Singlehanded or family crew
  • Exciting single-handed – plenty of space for the family
  • Blast across the bay – picnic on the beach
  • More fun – more exciting adventures
Storage and transport convenience
  • Fast assembly & separation allows storage in restricted space
  • Quick to rig – simple and robust
  • Practical moulded-in handholds make moving the boat easy on shore
Greatest durability – lowest maintenance
  • NEW – Hull & beam securing system without holes through the skin of the boat – no sealant required
  • Beam and shroud bolts secure into stainless-steel bars in channels on either side of the hulls
  • Exceptionally strong, simple and fast assembly – just 15 minutes using only one spanner
  • RS Comptec PE3 construction– state of the art three layer rotomoulding system
  • Toughest outer skin – middle foam layer for stiffness – strong inner skin
  • RS process leads the way & enables additional thickness in high load areas
  • Reduced overall weight for better sailing – every RS offers the best performance and most rewarding handling
  • Built in buoyancy from thick foam layer
  • Strongest fittings attachment – through-bolted rudder systems
  • Virtually maintenance free
Safety features
  • Toe straps above and below tramps to assist capsize righting
  • Capsize righting line in under-tramp stowage bag
  • Knife stowage under tramp
  • Recesses in aft decks reduce volume and make it easier to “sink” a stern and right the boat from inversion
  • Mast head float standard on all models
RS CAT16 Club
  • Mainsail only – simple set-up
  • Mainsail
  • Jib
  • Single trapeze
  • Mainsail
  • Jib
  • Gennaker
  • Single Trapeze
RS CAT16 Accessories
  • Launching wheels
  • Road trailer
  • Carbon fibre tiller extension
  • Wind indicator
  • Jib pack
  • Gennaker pack
  • Twin Trapeze pack
  • 2-part mast

bulletfill Standard
bulletoutline Optional

    RS CAT16 Club RS CAT16 S RS CAT16 XL
Designer Jo Richards and RS Sailing      
Length 4.7m (15’6″) bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Beam 2.35m (7’9″) bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Hull Weight 94kg (207lbs) bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Max Crew Weight 390kg (860lbs) bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Mainsail 9.98m² (107.5ft²) – Dacron bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Jib 2.35m² (25.3ft²) – Dacron bulletoutline bulletfill bulletfill
Asymmetric Spinnaker 12.82m² (138ft²) bulletoutline bulletoutline bulletfill
Hull Construction Comptec PE3 Durable Polyethylene bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Mast 1-Part Aluminium Alloy bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Mast 2-Part Aluminium Alloy bulletoutline bulletoutline bulletoutline
Rudder Blades Aluminium Alloy bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Rudder Stock Moulded Glass/Nylon – Lift & Lock System bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Tiller Extension Aluminium alloy bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Tiller Extension Carbon Fibre bulletoutline bulletoutline bulletoutline
Single Trapeze   bulletoutline bulletfill bulletfill
Twin Trapeze     bulletoutline bulletoutline
Heavy Duty Trampoline   bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Padded Tow Straps   bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Capsize Righting Line   bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Mast Head Float   bulletfill bulletfill bulletfill
Top Cover Polycotton Breathable bulletoutline bulletoutline bulletoutline
Wind Indicator   bulletoutline bulletoutline bulletoutline
Launching Wheels   bulletoutline bulletoutline bulletoutline
Road Trailer   bulletoutline bulletoutline bulletoutline

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