RS Feva
The world’s leading double handed dinghy for youngsters and parent / child teams. An International Class with events around the globe, the RS Feva is fast-growing in most developed sailing nations and expanding into others every year. Chosen by families, clubs and National Authorities to build the pathway to a lifetime in sailing – the RS Feva offers a double-handed alternative and a stepping stone at the crucial time in sailing lives. Exciting performance is the secret behind the success. Modern styling and practical features make it irresistible. We couldn’t be more proud of the RS Feva’s achievements for thousands of sailors and for the sport.


No. of Crew: 2
Crew Weight (kgs): 60–100
Hull Weight (kgs): 63
No. of Trapezes: 
Sail Area (m²): 15
Length (m): 3.64

Inspirational performance
  • Fast & exciting – loved by youngsters and adults
  • Pathway – double handed step after entry level sailing
  • New challenge – teamwork, gennaker – excitement at a crucial time
World Sailing International Class
  • Leading International class – huge event & training programme
  • Grass roots – to World Championship competition
  • Fun – emphasis on enjoyment afloat & ashore, even at top level
  • Sport leader – chosen by clubs, centres and National Authorities worldwide
  • Big – large cockpit for this size boat
  • Teach the kids – volume & space for parent / child teams
  • Fun for all – exciting adult single-handed – a blast for two youngsters
  • Rig options – for training, club or circuit racing (see Specification)
Practical and safe
  • Easy rigging – youngsters do it unaided
  • Low loads – easy mast stepping – mainsail with halyard
  • Durable – worry free sailing fun
  • Transportable – light and compact for easy loading and storage
  • Self draining – capsize friendly and easy to right
  • High boom
Lowest maintenance – greater durability
  • Comptec PE3 construction – state of the are three layer rotomoulding system
  • Toughest out skin – middle foam layer for stiffness – strong inner skin
  • RS process leads the way and enables thickness variation for high load areas
  • Reduces overall weight – every RS offers the best performance and handling
  • Integral buoyancy from thick foam layer
  • Strongest fittings attachment – brass inserts moulded into hull structure
  • Virtually maintenance free
RS Feva S
  • Dacron mainsail without battens, jib & gennaker
  • Perfect for training and holiday centres
  • Same spars as XL and XL Race specs – easily upgradable
RS Feva XL
  • Mylar mainsail with battens, jib & gennaker
  • Class racing spec
RS Feva XL Race
  • Same Class racing spec as RS Feva XL – plus:
  • High spec Dacron jib
  • 6:1 performance vang
  • Performance outhaul
  • D12 Cunningham
  • Webbing clew strap
  • Adjustable mainsheet strop
RS Feva accessories
  • Top cover – breathable
  • Under cover
  • Launching trolley
  • Road trailer combi base
  • Padded rudder bag
  • Padded daggerboard bag
  • Padded spar bag
  • XL Race outhaul & vang
  • Carbon tiller extension
  • Mast head float
  • Burgee wind indicator
  • TackTick Micro compass with bracket
  RS Feva S RS Feva XL RS Feva XL Race
Designer Paul Handley      
3 Layer Comptec PE3 Hull  
Length 3.64m (12′)
Beam 1.42m (4’8″)
Weight 63kg (139lbs)
Club jib 2.1m² (22ft²)
Race jib Performance fabric
Reefing Dacron Mainsail 5.5m² (57ft²)
3 Batten Mylar Mainsail 6.5m² (68ft²)
Gennaker 7.0m² (73ft²)
Mast – aluminium alloy 2-part
Boom – aluminium alloy  
Foils Buoyant, aluminium alloy, low drag section
Lifting rudder stock, tiller and extension  
Capsize righting lines  
Padded toe straps  
Standard outhaul    
Race D12 outhaul  
Standard cunningham    
Race D12 cunningham  
Top cover Breathable polycotton
Under cover  
Launching trolley Gunwhale hung
Road trailer combi base  
4:1 standard kicker    
6:1 performance kicker  
Adjustable mainsheet strops  
Jib tension ring  
Carbon tiller extension  
Mast head float  
Burgee wind indicator  
Padded spar bag  
Padded daggerboard bag  
Padded rudder bag  
TackTick Micro compass inc bracket
Race rope pack Spinnaker halyard, jib, main and kite sheets


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